Linking Your Accounts

With access to some of the home automation industries’ leading providers, HomeLink Connect® provides simple, convenient control of your devices from the comfort of your car.

To control your smart home devices through the HomeLink Connect app, create your HomeLink connect account and then sign into your existing smart home accounts. Once each smart home account is linked, controllable functions will automatically populate within your HomeLink Connect app, and creating a single or multi-function button is simple.


Create an Account

The first time you launch your HomeLink App, you will need to create an account. If you already have an account, simply sign in.

phone screen with signup

Find Your Accounts(s) (repeat for additional products)

The list of compatible smart home accounts available through HomeLink with automatically populate. Choose the account you want to link.

phone screen with list of devices

Link Your Account(s) (repeat for additional products)

Link each of your smart home accounts using the username and password for the smart home account.

phone screen with login form

Account(s) Linked

The successfully linked accounts will have a yellow label showing “Account Linked.”

phone screen with confirmation message


Now you’re ready to set up your HomeLink Connect buttons.

phone screen with success message