Connect to OnScreen

With HomeLink Connect compatible vehicles, you’ll be able to control your smart home devices from your vehicle’s center console or infotainment system by creating OnScreen buttons in the HomeLink Connect app.

To create and program a HomeLink OnScreen button to control a smart home device, use the following steps.

Creating and Configuring an OnScreen Button


Create First Button

Navigate to the OnScreen tab in the HomeLink Connect app. Tap the plus sign to create your first HomeLink button.

phone screen with signup

Button Name and Icon

Enter the name for your button. If you would like to change the icon, tap “Change Icon” and select a new icon.

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Add Smart Home Action(s) to a Button

Select + Add Actions to assign a smart home action to the HomeLink OnScreen button. Repeat this step to add multiple actions and smart home accounts to one HomeLink OnScreen button to create a “scene”.


Create More Buttons

Continue to create buttons by tapping the plus sign and adding smart home actions. You can create up to 15 HomeLink OnScreen buttons.

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When you connect your phone to your vehicle, your HomeLink OnScreen button(s) will appear on the vehicle’s display. Press a HomeLink OnScreen button to control your smart home devices.

Modify or Delete

You can modify or delete your smart home actions from the HomeLink Connect app any time.

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